Penetralia ~ Fountain pen review ~ Benu Euphoria New Year 2021 Limited Edition

This pen was a panic buy. I thought, “OMG, limited edition BENU pen! The last time they did this they only made like 3 and they disappeared super fast!” So, I got online as soon as possible and pulled the trigger on this thing. It’s now 6months later, and the damned pen is STILL available on their online store. And they bring out limited editions all the time… noob mistake…

I know it’s almost impossible to judge these things, sometimes they go fast and sometimes they don’t, you gotta just role the dice. I know now. At the time I had just seen a Figboot review where he briefly mentioned (at 08:38) the limited edition Golden Flame BENU pen. This mind-blowing pen is now just mythical in my mind, so I wanted one of BENU’s mythical limited editions, thinking, they’re all mythical, but this one is not as mythical. I swear. Un-mythical… (I’ll stop saying mythical now.)

This pen is a Euphoria model BENU pen but with a “Limited” Edition skin. So, maybe one day you might not be able to buy it, but I don’t expect it to be any different from any of their other Euphoria models, so I hope this review is still helpful in the future.

The Euphoria models have been reviewed elsewhere, but I don’t think there’s many of this particular Limited Edition. I’m not going to waste text on basic features, measurements, size comparisons and other aspects of the pen you can easily find in YouTube videos by other content creators. I will share what I think of this limited edition version though and give you my personal thoughts overall.

In this review, I’ll go over my favorite features of this pen and what I don’t like. I’ll picture some writing samples with different inks, to give you a feel for how it handles various types of ink. In summary, I’ll discuss why this pen is in my collection and whether this pen is truly worthy of being a GP’s pen!


I like a weighty pen, and this feels really nice in my hand. Its a lovely size and the facetted design is not sharp and doesn’t feel weird. I do like a bit of variety and it’s nice to have the facets against your hand, rather than the forever smooth cigar shape of most pens (I don’t smoke either, so naturally I don’t appreciate cigar-love either.)

At first I wasn’t sure about the gaudy look of this pen. I wasn’t sure about my “pen collector” persona. Was I was going to be a “smooth operator” and get only collect classic looking, bougie pens? Or would I go down “pizzazz and sparkle” street? I have to say, I’m a “the louder the better” kinda guy! So I personally LOVE the sparkles!

The nib is smooth and writes really nicely, even for a steel nib. I really enjoy writing with it on Rhodia paper (to penpals), it glides beautifully. I’ve said before I don’t like to hear my nib as I write, so this fits the bill.

I do like the engraving work on the nib too. It’s cute.

It cleans easy. The housing/nib unscrews really easily too for even easier maintenance.

The threads are smooth and slick, and it comes with a cartridge convertor which is fantastic. Even the clip is medium strength. It’s a one handed task getting onto my shirt and won’t rip the fabric!

Out of my collection, my favourite ink to pair this pen with is Graf Von Faber-Castell, Moss Green. It just writes brilliantly and is real conversation starter in my clinic room.

The colour scheme is great, the white and red pop nicely and the silver glitter looks cute! Oh, the pen is numbered. I love that.


It takes like 10million turns to unscrew the damn thing! Why? Honestly, I’m a busy man, and sitting there twisting my pen for the 9,999,999th time, waiting until the cap comes off so I can actually sign this script and my patient can leave before they die in their chair waiting would be preferable. This honestly can’t be that hard of an issue to fix. I’m sure Brad at Mythic pens has a tool he can lend the guys at Benu!

As lovely as the nib is, the loveliness is only around the edges. I don’t like the “B” for “broad” on the nib. I don’t know why the nib isn’t branded better. Why does it say “Schmitt Iridium Point”? That’s like buying a Ferrari and opening the bonnet and the engine has “Toyota” written on it (not that I know anything about cars, or that there’s anything wrong with Toyota engines — I imagine they’re the best most reliable engines ever — you just don’t expect it to be in your Ferrari car.)

Also, if this is their New Year Limited Edition pen, why is it not MORE sparkly and shiny, and more glow in the dark than their regular models? I have to say for Benu, this seems tame. I’m sure there’s a reason for this, maybe I just don’t know it…

Writing Samples

Left: 90gsm copy paper. Right: Clairefontaine 90gsm paper. Sorry, I realized afterwards that I shouldn’t advertise my signature!
Clairefontaine 90gsm paper — just lovely shimmer! very nice shading too
90gsm copy paper — still some shimmer and just the tiniest feathering on the “S”

I really like how this pen lays down ink. At times if I’m writing in small boxes on forms it can be a bit of a gusher. There’s really not any room for mistakes or squeezing a word in at the edge of a page. Reverse writing is smooth too and comes in handy when squeezing those words in.

The line width is consistent, and even on crap paper there’s shading and shimmer. It’s a smooth writer and overall I really enjoy using it.

Why is this pen in my collection?

It looks great. I really like the colour scheme. It feels great and writes really smooth. Most of the time I’m writing on crappy copy paper and even here, the ink dries quick and the performance of the pen is great. I really like the broad nib. To be honest, I’m not sure if I just gravitate to wider nibs but I do enjoy the amount of ink on the page. I really like changing pens/inks often so even if I’m finding I’m filling this pen often, I really don’t mind.

I do like a collection of limited editions — I’m a total sucker for it! Also, I do love to support a wide variety of brands from all over the globe and I’m honoured to purchase one of their “better” offerings (in terms of limited edition purchases).

Is this a pen fit for a GP?

Yes, most certainly. If you are office based and like a weighty flashy looking pen on your desk then, yes! This really allows for a more personalized approach to your day and is a great conversation starter.

Overall, I would recommend this pen long term. I wish it didn’t take 10million turns to unscrew the cap but oh well, this is not exactly a deal breaker (like the Pilot 74 section issue!) Definitely, one of my favourites in my collection.

Thanks so much for reading and remember no matter who you are, “first, do no harm.”




An Australian GP with a love for fountain pens, writing, gaming and gardening, throwing in an occasional rant along the way!

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An Australian GP with a love for fountain pens, writing, gaming and gardening, throwing in an occasional rant along the way!

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